Why Plastic Bag Free?

Kill plastic bags not wildlife video

Picturesque Torquay beachPlastic Bag Free Torquay

Every piece of plastic that has ever been made is still in existence and this makes Plastic Pollution a serious issue; some say more serious than Climate Change.


To create a community in Torquay and beyond of conscientious businesses and consumers who are proud of the beauty we have and are prepared to do something to protect that beauty. We aim to stop the Free Distribution of Single Use Plastic Bags in Torquay by December 31st, 2015.


  • Be Passionate – This stuff matters. It really matters.
  • Be Collaborative – Create strength with a collective, inclusive voice;
  • Be Honest – Act with integrity, tell the truth and walk the talk


To act on our WHY, to believe in our MISSION, to uphold our VALUES and to continuously strive to offer solutions to reduce single use plastic pollution.


To engage with all stakeholders, to provide education on the crisis in our oceans caused by plastic pollution, to positively promote our cause and encourage stakeholders to participate, to provide viable cost effective alternatives to single use plastic bags, to create a sense of place that is Torquay, that is proud of our achievement.

Being Plastic Bags Free reduces plastic pollution.


According to the Ocean Conservatory plastic bags are the second most identified type of litter in the Oceans, second only to cigarette butts.

Rampant waste.


Floating Plastic rubbish - No Plastic Bags
Plastic Bags are thrown away every day, and generally end up in land fill. But they also end up in our creeks, rivers, beaches, seas, and oceans.


Most plastic bags are not recycled.


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The growth of plastic bag consumption and its improper disposal currently significantly outpace any efforts to recycle or reuse. And there’s no winning: producing recycled materials uses copious amounts of energy. A better solution is to reduce use of plastics bags altogether.


Plastic Bags Never, Ever break down.


Dangerous floating plastic bags - No Plastic Bags
Plastic is not biodegradable, and does not ever disappear, but becomes long-lasting “plastic dust”. When plastic bags do break down, they readily soak up (and release) toxins that then contaminate soil and water, as well as harming animals that ingest plastic fragments.


Plastic bags kill aquatic life.


Over one million sea birds, whales, seals, dolphins, sea turtles die from plastic debris. Plastic ends up inside these animals and kills them. The impact of plastic pollution in our oceans and ecosystems creates chaos for the environment.

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Bring Your Bag Along Torquay Campaign LogoThere are so many ways to help reduce the impact of plastic on the environment. By reducing our use of single use plastic bags, we can greatly reduce our every day use of disposed plastic products.

#BringYourBag represents “a move in the right direction”.


Kill plastic bags not wildlife video